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2024-02-10 22:45:09

Hey has anyone run into an issue where their reticule is missing after installing the OpenRVS 1.6 Update? When we try to host a server only the host can see their reticule, the person connecting cannot.

2023-09-08 18:14:47

This quick fix restores the server list for Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield.
Works with Ubisoft, Steam or original Retail version.

REQUIRES OpenRVS 1.5 Multiplayer Patch first! Which you can get here in the original post.

If any questions just ask here or on in #techsupport or #rainbowsix3 channel.

Just copy/merge the respective folder onto your game's folder to update.

This does not change any of your settings.

2023-09-08 18:12:05
markleedsfc wrote:

Yes I just joined, does it play on windows 11?


2023-08-30 07:58:57

Yes I just joined, does it play on windows 11?

2023-08-29 20:24:37
markleedsfc wrote:

Hi is it still possible to play R6 3 online? Thanks

Yes! You can play anytime. Are you on the Discord?

2023-08-29 19:29:33

Hi is it still possible to play R6 3 online? Thanks

2023-04-27 20:32:14

Uncheck "Dedicated" I believe


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