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2021-06-21 15:21:27


Old school gamers! Play event for Rainbow Six 3 on PC!
To honor our fallen friend Snook who passed away in real life.

Sunday @ 4pm EST / 8pm GMT / 1pm PST

New maps and classics! With updated weapons and more!

Game Modes:
Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal, Prevent Escape, Plant Surveillance, Gather Intel, Capture Leader, Stealth Missions + Terrorist Hunt coop!

Our Servers: | Missions +
ALLR6 | Tango Hunt
ALLR6 | Tango Hunt 2
ALLR6 | Tango Hunt 3
ALLR6 | Athena Sword + Iron Wrath
ALLR6 | Original Maps Only

We are going to most likely do Missions and then Tango Hunt!
Whatever people want smile

Be sure to have the multiplayer patch from
so that you can see the server list!

Let us know if you have any questions, join Discord too!



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