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2021-04-24 11:45:40


2021-04-24 11:05:44

Is this mod compatible with Elite Counter Terror Mod,  Athena Sword and Iron Wrath Expansions?

2020-10-25 11:01:28

Thanks. This decreased the freezes on newer maps a little bit.

A good way to increase the average fps is to use "ENB DX8 to DX9 Converter v0.036". ~20% FPS boost.

On Coronavirus map i had 28 - 60+ fps. With your Optimization combined with ENB Converter its now 42 - 60+

2020-10-18 11:07:56

Updated Oct 2020

2019-11-30 15:59:52

Note that 007's post was fixed by this method: Steam version failing to launch for Windows 7 users FIX. Just click the  "DisableShims" file here and it will work again.

2019-11-30 02:35:40

So i did the patch and now the game won't boot at all through Steam. I click "Stop" and nothing happens. I have to restart my computer to show the "Play" icon again. I tried run as admin and SP3, tried uninstalling it, and then reinstalling, and can't get the game to boot, patch or no patch. I've patched games before without issues, so i know what Im doing. I dont want to have to reinstall the game. Im on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. I wanna play so bad!

2018-12-18 07:52:54


I signed up, but haven’t used it yet

Hopefully get some time to play over Xmas hols

2018-12-17 22:11:15

Join Discord channel and I can send them there

2018-12-15 08:59:10


Thanks for the great work on this old game smile

I failed to follow exact advice and didn't do a backup of my Ravenshield.ini and .mod files sad

Please can somebody send me, or post a link for them?

My game doesnt run as smooth as it did now I overwrote them.

I purchased my game from Uplay, so I dont want to download it all over again.

TIA  smile

2017-11-07 15:33:38

This is a very important update for many people it really improves game play experience. Smooths out the game a lot.

2017-02-28 16:56:10

Thread last updated Oct 2020.
Why use these files?

This improves the gameplay rendering and cache sizes.
These are some advanced tweaks that maximize your graphics because the in game menu is limited.
Basically smooths out gameplay especially on more detailed new maps.

Download: [ R6 3 2020 Optimization Patch ] (ModDB) (Oct 2020 Update)

Just copy Mods and System folders into your Rainbow Six 3 Gold or Raven Shield folder.

Change your internet speed to T3 in the connection settings.

Thats it!

**BACKUP your old Ravenshield.ini and .mod by renaming it to OLD-Ravenshield.ini or something just in case.

Where the files go:

- Rainbow Six 3/Mods Folder

- Rainbow Six 3/System folder:

(or Raven Shield folder if you  have the retail version)


You should always check the following: Right click Ravenshield.exe and go to Properties. Set Run As Administrator and Compatibility for Windows XP SP3 as well.

NOTE: If you are on a laptop your screen might not support the resolution that most people on regular monitors are using (1920x1080) so you might have to edit Ravenshield.ini file settings for that but most people use:

WindowedViewportX=640 -- change to your resolution
WindowedViewportY=480 -- change to your resolution
FullscreenViewportX=1920 -- change to your resolution
FullscreenViewportY=1080 -- change to your resolution


Change your internet speed to T3 in the connection settings.
Into Mods Folder:


Into System folder:


If you have any issues afterwards check that you have UseVSync=True or False in the Ravenshield.ini file in the System folder.
If your game won't start at all. Try editing StartFullscreen=True to False in the Ravenshield.ini file in the system folder.

You only need this patch if you have sutter issues.

Alternatively or in addition to this you can try:

• Borderless Gaming App
This app helps run the game better for some people experiencing Windows 10 issues.

+ New maps, guns, modern scopes/sights, HD hit effects, new terrorists, hostages & more content frequently added!

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