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2023-05-28 21:03:34

I'm new here.  I am old.  I played Duck Hunt when it first came out.

Currently using RB6 GOLD version on STEAM.  After seeing some new YouTube videos.  I would like to patch my single player RB6 GOLD version to latest mods & give multiplayer a try.  I tried afew years ago, but after a weapon mod was installed, ANTIVIRUS kept killing my RB6 program and wouldn't work right.  So I went back to single player vanilla.

Can someone please point me in the direction of...............

1) List of CURRENT patches and mods?
Mainly new weapons, attachments, equipment, new maps, and multi-player.  No mods that make the aiming reticle "sway" - please.

2) Order in which to install them? 

3) How to install them? I downloaded some mods today and tried - failed.

4) My vanilla Ravenshield has footsteps and door open/closing sounds, but GOLD version maps - those sounds are missing.
I tried multiple fresh installs through Steam, but same result.

5) What the heck are SUPPLY DROP mods?



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