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2023-06-06 22:18:38

I have installed the nocd patch and .NET framework 1.1, but it still says: "The procedure entry point could not be located at engine.dll" (or sth like that). Any help would be appreciated.

2020-09-21 05:28:46

Its ok we dont care about necro posting here the entire forum and game is basically here because of these forums and the Discord so were here to help!

you should be able to find the .NET installer on Microsofts support website I can look for it later

If no luck you can try the free version of Rainbow Six 3 it comes patched already for multiplayer too

2020-09-20 23:57:20

I don't know if i am more stupid asking how i install framework or necroposting.

2018-09-23 12:21:20
n7 wrote:

i get a message about msvcr71.dll

That is a .NET 1.0 framework issue because it doesnt come with Windows 10. Try installing that.

2018-09-23 12:12:29

i get a message about msvcr71.dll

2017-12-12 23:07:53

Any error message? Anything happens? Right click Ravensheild.exe and go to Properties and select Run As Administrator also Compatibility for Windows Xp

medium sized man
2017-12-12 23:05:32

i copied the files into the system folder but the game still won't start up  sad

2017-03-15 17:02:55

NO CD patch for those who have the Original CD version of Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield
Download: [ ] (274kb)

Simply paste the two files to your system folder of you game.
Example: C:\Program Files (x86) \ Red Storm Entertainment \ RavenShield \ System


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