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2023-08-08 11:43:15

Hi guys. I'm new to the modding world and i'm desperately trying to create some modifications for Rainbow Six 3 Ravenshield.
More in detail, i need to modify some weapon stats and insert a couple of new textures for scoped weapons; i found the scripts that control these elements, but i have a massive problem: i can decompile most .u files but i cannot recompile them back to test the mod in-game.
I tried with SDK and several other programs, but they either don't see the .uc files (which is absurd, since i followed step-by-step all tutorials i found online) or the program says that the task was successful, but doesn't produce the .u file. Pls help me, since i literally tried everything and i cannot understand why i can't recompile my scripts back.
Also, i wanted to insert terrorists on maps that lack templates and modify the loadouts of both the in-game operators and the terrorists in each map. I found the files for the terrorists but they still don't spawn, even afte creating a template from another working map.


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