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2017-10-12 11:14:02

So I havent updated that in a while. Whats the newest/best operators? I might get back into Siege. Just been playing and designing new maps for R6 3 lately.

2017-01-27 02:27:12

Twtich and IQ

2017-01-25 22:58:22

Twitch is useless though. I mean the Famas is an AMAZING gun. Besides that? Her drone is way too weak and needs to be able to jump

2017-01-25 03:36:09

Who is your fave Siege operators/characters and why?

For now I'd have to say Frost, Blackbeard, Fuze, Kapkan.

Why? Man..

Frost traps are dope. The fucking nerf on the shotty is shit though. Sometimes the 9mm is a bit weak too.

Blackbeard? Come on its Blackbeard.

Fuze I actually enjoy because I like melee attacking with shield. Too many people play him wrong. They sit there blindy shooting and not hitting a damn thing. The funniest shit is when they aim down the sight. Completely making their shield pointless. I clutch a lot with zero ammo and just the shield lol.

Kapkan I wish he was faster. So god damn fat. But can't go wrong with those tripwires.

I actually enjoy Recruit a lot haha.  Plus the GSG-9's shotty is damn good.


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