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2023-09-08 18:17:02

This quick fix restores the server list for Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield.
Works with Ubisoft, Steam or original Retail version.

REQUIRES OpenRVS 1.5 Multiplayer Patch first! Which you can get here in the original post.

If any questions just ask here or on in #techsupport or #rainbowsix3 channel.

Just copy/merge the respective folder onto your game's folder to update.

This does not change any of your settings.

2017-05-06 08:19:09

What language do you speak?

Howcome you and your friends dont play on our servers? ALLR6 smile?

You and your friends installed the 2.3 patch yes?

Come to I will talk to you there on Discord app there is another file I have to send you if you are going to host your server on LAN.

2017-05-06 07:56:23
Recognition wrote:

You can host a LAN server and give friends your IP, it should work.

Not working . When i try play with friend , 186f86cf5382.jpg

both have steam and cd version . sorry for my english

2017-05-05 16:12:08

The latest patch v2.3 added today!

• Get it from [ RVS 2.3 2017 PATCH MOD DB ]

2017-04-01 11:57:21

ALLR6 | Tango Hunt, Missions and Zombies.

All have had no issues. Literally people from Serbia, Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and even Japan played on it. I guess because its an older game too it doesn't require as much bandwidth to run it.

You may also increase your rendering memory and cache sizes with this update: which helped a few people.

You may join us on comms at too (also text channels if you dont want to use a mic) and you will see what I mean. People from everywhere big_smile

Leroy Peterson
2017-04-01 05:11:53
Recognition wrote:

But we have people from all over the world literally who play with no lag. Even those in Venezuela with like 56K practically haha. Awe

which servers?
One server can't be sub 50ms all over the world. and with no ping shown on the server browser, you can't tell which is located where.

2017-03-31 23:19:29

But we have people from all over the world literally who play with no lag. Even those in Venezuela with like 56K practically haha. Awe

Leroy Peterson
2017-03-31 23:13:54
Recognition wrote:

Make sure your internet connection speed in the menu options of the game is T3
You can host a LAN server and give friends your IP, it should work.
But why not just join us hehe.

Yes I have it set at that.

Ok thanks

Well, its not easy playing Raven Shield with a ping over 300ms.

2017-03-30 00:30:15

The current RVSUpdate 2.2 can be found here:

RVSUpdate 2.2

2017-03-29 19:42:41

Leroy give this a try:

Make sure your internet connection speed in the menu options of the game is T3

As for servers, we run paid servers. About $70 a month for ours.
You can host a LAN server and give friends your IP, it should work.
But why not just join us hehe.

Leroy were you on one of the ALLR6 servers earlier today? I might have seen you perhaps?

Leroy Peterson
2017-03-29 18:58:12

Thanks heaps for setting this up, I play online with some friends on the servers. good fun.

Have an issue with enemies being invisible temporarily, or just appearing after a few seconds of spotting them (usually enough time for them to kill you), not sure if its lag related? (i am on the other side of the world to the servers) wasn't sure if anyone else has a similar problem.

Also, when creating your own online match, are you able to share some info on how it works or how to set it up or IF it works? I got a match running the other day, but didnt have a friend around at the time to test to see if they could join via IP or see it on the server list.

2017-01-29 07:00:49

If you have any problems let me know.

Some of you in Windows 10 may need to edit your RavenShield.ini in the System folder of your game.
Find the line


and make it


then you just press Alt+Enter when you launch the game when at the menu.

You maybe can try changing your VerticleSync settings too.

2017-01-29 07:00:33

This thread was last updated on [ AUG 2021 ]
Join our real time text and chat community (Discord) at

Rainbow Six 3 - the last of the best series of tactical shooters in the world.
The game is online and active as ever. With multiple servers with modes like:

Missions (Hostage Rescue, Capture the Commander, Bomb Defusal, Evidence Retrieval, Stealth etc)
Terrorist Hunt

(Adversarial PVP)
Team Deathmatch, Survival (Last Man Standing Deathmatch), Pilot, Team Bomb etc.

Featuring all styles of maps from small to large, close quarter battles, sniping long range firefights as well, outdoor maps, indoor, winter, summer, rainy, snowy, night time and everything in between. TRUE variety and something for everyone with difficulty level as well.

Even better, we have new content. Modern sights/scopes that you see in todays games with on the fly features like turning on the G33 magnifier with Holographic for instance, new maps with destructible environment and improved special effects, detail and graphics overall. Custom camo skins for guns. New items like under door/corner snake camera, tactical flashlight that blinds enemies up close for a moment, medical kit to heal injuries and heal your team members and improved AI coding for backup operatives and terroritsts that call for backup, flank, use cover and more ---- We have also combined many original maps from Rainbow Six with Rogue Spear maps and all expansions including Athena Sword and Iron Wrath maps and weapons all into one Rainbow Six 3 (Raven Shield) game.

Join our real time text and chat community (Discord App) at

To play online again you just need the ALLR6 2.4 patch (has OpenRVS 1.3 included) below:
Automatic Quick Install - also comes with ALLR6 Armpatch!

1) Download From MODDB:
[ Rainbow Six 3 Online Multiplayer Patch v2.4 ALLR6 ]
Backup Download if ModDB is down: … 8.exe/file

^ It also includes the sound update so you hear all the sounds in multiplayer from many custom maps plus Athena Sword, Iron Wrath, Rogue Spear and original Rainbow Six maps!

2) OpenRVS 1.5 Mini Update July 2021 … -patch-v15

3) If you want, we HIGHLY reccommend that you get the Optimization Patch as well. It will help run the latest maps smoother and it fixes a lot of issues with Windows 10 and modern PC compatibility. Download: [ R6 3 2020 Optimization Patch ] Just copy Mods and System folders into your Rainbow Six 3 Gold or Raven Shield folder.

How to install ALLR6 Multiplayer Rainbow Six 3 Patch - instructions:
1. Close the game, close Steam or Uplay
2. Install to your Rainbow Six 3 Gold or Raven Shield folder. Run the patch as Administrator.
For example if you have the Steam version you would go to:

C: > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Rainbow Six 3


C: > Program Files (x86) > Raven Shield

for other versions.
3. Make sure you select the correct location of your game folder on your computer.
4. Go to Multiplayer > Internet (not LAN) and hit refresh to see the servers then Play!

5. IMPORTANT! Set your connection speed to T3 in the Multiplayer Options like below:

• I suggest 1920x1080 resolution for most people this looks the best.
• Right click Ravenshield.exe - Properties - Run As Administrator and Compatibility for Windows XP SP3
• Install this to properly optimize your game for smoother FPS and better graphics and sound:
[ ]

WINDOWS 10 ISSUES: Sometimes it does not install to the game folder.
* If it still does not work, manual install the patch.
* Just install the patch to a folder on your desktop.
* Then just copy and paste the inside folders (sounds, armpatches, system)
   to your game folder. Done!


We have brand new maps, HD hit effects, and new tangos, missions, civilians, tons of new guns and custom camo, scopes and sights and A LOT more.

Remastered maps as well from all R6 titles and more games.

Join these servers, the first ones on the list!
Voice/text chat on DISCORD:

We run classic realistic maps from RS, AS, IW, UO, R6 1, RVS (R63) and many custom maps including SWAT 4 maps and some CALL OF DUTY ones. As you can see from my screen shots thread my servers are full a few times a day and people from all over the world play on it! Community is coming back stronger than ever.

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R6GameService Patch Developed By Chriswak | GitHub



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