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Happy New Year 2019 and also...


Starting this community with only one person, and watching it grow to 1600 members just on the Discord ( nevermind the thousands of randoms we see in Rainbow Six 3 because of this community and its efforts - in a year and a bit is great. It has become part of my daily routines. Part of my life. I never even used Discord before creating this community. The passion and dedication for gaming that used to be just a casual past time has become more of a serious hobby for me because of it. I have met some awesome people too from all over the world. We are a family of non-toxic friendly gamers for the most part who just want to enjoy ourselves. I think we have accomplished that. And 2019 will bring even more good times. I hope that everyone will continue to spread the word about our Discord in other games too not just Rainbow Six related stuff. I would love to branch out into using url more often too and try to find tactical gamers who like strategy in all games not just this. Because we are literally a dying breed!

So, Happy New Year to everyone for 2019. And lets see how we can improve and grow the community even more! You will be excited to see what is coming out for Rainbow Six 3 as well.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and become a part of it. Please continue to do so and invite friends!

The Discord is more active than these forums. Its mostly just a place of reference for Google and other search engines and people to find content across the internet outside of Discord.

~ Brandon [ Legacy aka Recog. ] & the ALLR6 crew.

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Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield is online with NEW content
Also Rogue Spear, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath even Vegas, SWAT 4 maps!



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