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2017-01-25 23:44:37

Starting to learn that like 75% of the siege community seems to be toxic elitist douches. Wtf happened to the good days

2017-01-21 22:54:04

Well idk I have it on PS4 and I SUCK AT IT hahah. Much better on PC still. I'm decent at BF4 and BF3 on console though!

2017-01-21 11:22:36

One of the things I like is how well they did with making the game for consoles. I play it on the Xbox One, and the controls for the game are pretty good on the controller. Overall, it is a pretty good game with the controller, definitely better than CS:GO on consoles, that's for sure.

2017-01-21 09:31:08

Too much CoD smile

2017-01-21 00:20:23

Twitch. So useless.

2017-01-20 11:34:58

They lowered the damn time limit making the game even less strategic and more run and gun. Like why.... I thought R6 was supposed to be about tactics. Really not enjoying such so much anymore. Sigh.

I mean its still good but JUST NOT THE SAME as the classics.


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