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How to fix planning phase / waypoints in Rainbow Six 3 in 2023 Windows 10, Windows 11 and SWAT4 Mapping

How to fix planning phase bugs and laggy waypoints in Rainbow Six 3 in 2023 Windows 10, Windows 11
As many know sometimes the planning phase gets glitchy in W10 or W11 but not in W7.

This is due to DirectX issues. Here is the fix.
It adds compatibility for older DirectX versions for older games and applications.
Note: This also fixes UnrealEd for editing the maps!
(This should work for SWAT4 editor as well)
Which is for Unreal Engine 2.0 and Unreal Engine 2.5 respectively.

Get the latest dgVooDoo release (at the time of posting this its 2.8.2) …

Or visit for other release versions:

DirectX dgVooDoo Readme:


1. Run the dgVoodooCpl to bring up the nice little control panel for the app
2. Copy the four files in \dgVoodoo2_8_2\MS\x86 folder to your Rainbow Six 3\system or Ravenshield\system folder. (Not your Windows system folder!)
3. Simply run the game and you will see the dgVooDoo watermark that lets you know its working
4. You can disable the watermark by opening up the dgVooDoo panel and also there are some other options and graphics tweaks! Go to the DirectX tab, and then uncheck the dgVoodoo Watermark.

Shout out to striderstroke on the Discord for posting about it!

For additional graphics tweaks depending on your GPU sometimes you can get the game looking really nice with overrides from the GPU's program itself. Or of course there are third party mods online like on ModDB.

For more tech support or to play with us some time check out the Discord at


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Re: How to fix planning phase / waypoints in Rainbow Six 3 in 2023 Windows 10, Windows 11 and SWAT4 Mapping

This also can help people who have some issues with bordered / windowed. However there are other fixes for that as well like pressing ALT ENTER after the intro videos and setting the proper desktop resolution in the settings to play the game with which will load in when you play a mission or online even though the menu is not in the desktop resolution its still fine.



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